Your  Guide  to Self Prostate Massage Orgasm !

Learn all about how to do a self prostate massage to orgasm with our simple and easy to follow tips advice

Discover how you can massage your prostate using your finger for thumb for a prostate massage orgasm.
The following has some of my personal tips to have powerful, body shaking,  prostate orgasms.

Prostate massage is now recommended by doctors for  men avoid prostate problems, but hey it feels so pleasurable too. Some of us have issues about anal touching, but remember that stoles is usually stored higher up in the rectum than your fingers can reach . One can use a enema before a prostate massage if this is an issue for you.

I  find it easier to use my thumb than a finger to locate and massage my own prostate.
One must relax the 2 rings of anal muscles before any insertion in the male g spot massage. It usually takes me a bit of time to really relax the anal opening..

If  I do a prostate  massage once or twice a week, I find  it is easier to keep my anus relaxed. This is a bit like anal sex with a woman. The more anal sex you do the more relaxed she becomes.

It is critical to use lots of  a water based lubrication. I think most do not use enough lubrication. I found  using an enema tube joined to my lubrication tube to squirt the lub  in the anus is a good trick.. Another suggestion is to try this massage in a warm bath. The relaxation is nice in preparation. 

To relax the anal opening, use your fingers to push on the sides. Spend some time doing this so you are totally relaxed for the self prostate massage. I push on 12 o'clock area then the 1 o'clock area of the anal opening  to really relax the anus using my finger or thumb.

One can use different sizes of but plugs to use after the finger massage. Start with a small size and build up to a larger size. Silicon is best material for a sex toy. They might cost a bit more but your anus and your pleasure deserve the best tools!

Once you have relaxed the anal opening, then slowly slide your thumb or finger inside the anus. The prostate is on the upper wall of the anus about 2 inches in. You can find it by the intense sensations when it is touched. One can use a bit of pressure on the prostate.

Now really relax into this sensations and you might find you enter into self prostate massage orgasms.
Breathe and relax seems to be the keys. Another key is to make sounds of pleasure deep from your belly.
When I do the above, I enter into prostate orgasm with no ejaculation.

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One can combine penis massage with the prostate massage for more stimulation. I hope you really enjoy exploring self massage prostate orgasms.

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Maurice Tate is a professionally trained sexological bodyworker that uses anal massage in his private practice. He works with men and women and couples to improve their sex life.



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